Women’s Rights

In 1973 the Supreme Court of the USA affirmed a woman’s right to have an abortion and to control medical decisions regarding their own bodies. This decision was solidified and reaffirmed in 1992 Supreme Court decisions addressing the viability of a fetus to survive outside of a woman’s body.
Ultimately, the woman and her doctor have the final say on an abortion decision.

No government should ever be able to force a pregnancy to term, not ever not for any reason.

That is it. Women’s rights, to make medical decisions for themselves absolutely trump any govt regulation, unless that person is deemed to be mentally unfit to make that decision. Or the decision brings physical harm to another person.

Anti-abortion laws that systematically block women’s access to the health care that they need are simply a dismissing and disrespect of the rulings of the Supreme Court.

Updates January 4, 2018

Abortion rates are lower now in the USA than in decades, down some 25%, largely due to the availability of contraception and the Plan B pill.  No one ‘wants’ abortion, however, the solution is better education, availability of health care for women, access to birth control for men and women, and NOT by restricting access to rights granted by the highest court in the land.