Voting Rights for Felons

I completely and totally support the Constitutional Amendment being forwarded by the organization ‘Floridians for a Fair Democracy’ to restore voting rights for convicted felons.

This not only needs to be instituted but is a fundamental part of our democracy. The USA only functions when people vote. It is the most basic and fundamental right we have to control the people that ‘control’ us.

Imagine a world where the govt decides to make simple infractions a ‘felony’? Imagine a world where a felony could be arbitrarily defined to stop people from voting? I do not care what crime you have committed, you have a right as a citizen to choose the government that chooses your punishment.

Voting is a constitutional right… criminals do not give up their right to vote, we take it away from them. Wrong on every
level. At the very least, at the completion of their prison sentence, voting rights should be automatically restored. “Elected officials shouldn’t get to choose who gets to choose elected officials” – Lewis Black