The War on Drugs

This is some early ideas on combating drug use in society. Punishment does NOT work. the way we have been doing it for 50 years is WRONG. we need to stop that part of it.

The failed war on drugs perpetrated against the American People since the Nixon era is an abject failure that cannot begin to be described without digging up issues of racism, healthcare, law enforcement and social norms.

The first step in tackling it is to stop treating drug use, recreational or addictions, as a crime. Decriminalize all use of all drugs by individuals. ALL drugs.

That means if you are stopped or arrested for drug use, drugs and related paraphernalia can be seized, if illegally obtained (i.e. excluding prescriptions), but you cannot be arrested for it. Citations may be issued, but being directed to drug treatment programs and facilities will be better choices.

This will save tens of millions of dollars in law enforcement costs, prosecutions and incarcerations. Judges should be given the discretion to adjust the amounts of fines based upon individual persons situations, family issues, income and ability to pay.

No one should ever be incarcerated for not being able to pay a civil fine such as this.