Health Insurance Improvements

There is no doubt that the Health Insurance issue is growing, is unmanageable, and is destined to fail for most Americans. I call it the health ‘insurance’ issue because we do not ever talk about delivering health ‘care’ to people, all we discuss is the delivery of health insurance. This is the problem. The sooner we cut the health INSURANCE out of the picture, the
quicker we will come to a solution that works for more people.

Medicare for all

That is the answer. 20% or more of the USA already receives govt funded healthcare via the VA, Medicare and Medicaid. It is only a few small steps to provide health care for everyone, where the govt directly negotiates with providers for cost controls.

The current system is unsustainable. Insurance has gone up by exponential factors, and it is not the fault of the ACA. Insurance was expensive before the ACA, and it is now expensive after the ACA; and it will continue to rise until the system collapses and no one can afford it.

All the ACA did was force people to buy insurance they already could not afford. If they could have afforded it, they would.

There is no fix for this in the current environment in the USA and only so much that a State Representative can do in Florida to advocate for a better universal healthcare system that offers care for all Americans.

Medicare for all, that is all.

Publishing prices for all services

One of the main issues with the current system is that Americans cannot find out what any given service or procedure will cost them, and the laws allow providers to be vague and never provide a quote. We already know that providers charge wildly varying prices for various services, depending on financial status, insurance availability, and other factors.

This is ridiculous. A single page piece of legislation could easily require all providers to provide publicly available prices for all the medical codes and services that they provide.

This would provide real competition in the marketplace and providers would have to compete rather than fleecing the people that are able to pay with higher rates than those that have financial difficulty.

Businesses would pop up that would be able to shop for the best prices for customers for standard services, even a hip replacement, or a hernia surgery repair. Hospital fees for a mother giving birth can vary from a couple thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars. This is NOT a free market. Most doctors, hospitals and providers will not offer an estimate, yet when you go to a Walk-in Clinic, they are generally upfront about the costs, as they expect payment right then and there.

There is no reason that big Hospitals down to General Practitioners cannot offer the same frank estimates of costs and that the customer should expect those estimates to be adhered to.

I have my own real-life experiences that I can talk about. How Florida Hospital ripped off my insurance company over a hip replacement, and how my insurance company, Blue Cross of Florida does not really care because they will simply raise the rates every year to cover these ‘losses’.

As well, my recent appointment at a dermatologist where I end up frustrated trying to find out how much a routine annual exam is going to cost me… “It depends”, they say.

These have become the norm in our society, thanks to the rhetoric coming from the industry(s) that profit from this and consumers accepting it. And it has to stop. Publish your prices. Period. Then consumers can shop.