Florida Proposal 4

Say NO! to Proposal 4
Say NO! to Proposal 4

Most do not know that Florida reviews its Constitution via Committee every 20 years, and this year the Florida Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) is working on amendment proposals that could end up on the ballot this fall.  They get public input, lobbying input, public and governmental proposals to consider.  Check it out at www.flcrc.gov.

The scary one this year is Proposal 4, which has been offered up and defeated in the past but continues to rear its ugly head.  Proposal 4 would completely strike out the text in Article 1, Section 3 of the Florida Constitution that prohibits tax dollars from flowing directly or indirectly to religious organizations.

It is being sold as the ‘Religious Freedom’ proposal, so it sounds rather inert, but the move is being pushed by Christian-based organizations that want to de-fund public schools and put the money into private Christian-based charter schools.  This would create untold damage to the school system, which is already under attack and seemingly no one in government has the will to fix it.

Public Schools need to be reinforced, not punished.  We need to address the issues, not abandon them.  We have a duty and a right to fund public schools for everyone in the state, and we need to keep religion out of government.

Vote NO for Proposal 4.  Vote to keep public schools funded.  Vote to keep a wall between religion and government, else we move closer and closer to the theocratic societies like so many countries around the world.  “Freedom of Religion” here seems to generally mean “Christian Only” lately in the USA.  Not in my government, please.

There are several organizations that are rallying to work against this proposal and you can help.  Americans United for Separation of Church & State (www.au.org) is working to build a team to attend the CRC’s public hearing (there are several hearings on their website) in St. Petersburg to speak against Proposal 4.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 
1:00-7:00 PM EST
University of South Florida – St. Petersburg
University Student Center
200 6th Ave S
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

If you are interested in coming to this event, then email us tk@tkforflorida.com to join the team.  We will plan a day there (It might take many hours to get to speak) and have our voices heard.  You can also write the Commission members to get their attention, but public hearings will bring focus on the issue.

TK Hayes