Disposal of Unwanted Drugs

There is no way to easily remove unwanted prescriptions, or unused drugs from our society, driving up the availability of these drugs. The Opioid epidemic is compounded with this problem. Try it sometime. Try to give back, or dispose of a bottle of Oxycodone and you will find out that the easiest way to do that is to give them away.

This could be a one page piece of legislation that would make it easy to get unwanted drugs off the streets.

“All pharmacies, all hospitals, all clinics that dispense drugs, all police and fire stations shall accept any and all unwanted and unused drugs for disposal without question, at any time.”

Medical facilities that dispense drugs already are required to have disposal systems in place. The only cost would be funding fire and police stations with medical hazard waste drop-offs (many already do as they operate EMT/Paramedic services) so that regular citizens can simply drop off old prescriptions for disposal.

The notion that we just ‘flush them down the toilet’ creates medical hazards and pollution for the water supplies and the environment, already seen in various research. The default is most likely ‘giving them to a friend that needs them’ continuing the chain of a surplus of things not needed in our society.