About David Hayes

I was born John David Hayes, but always went by David. I acquired the nickname ‘TK’ in 1982 after a funny and unfortunate skydiving ‘accident’ and I have been TK ever since. Raised and Educated in Newfoundland Canada, I left there in 1982 to work for IBM, (my professional career) in Calgary, Toronto, and London for over 14 years.

In 1995 I pursued a business opportunity to immigrate to the USA, and run the world renowned skydiving resort known as Skydive City in Zephyrhills, FL. Here I remain today, managing and partner in Skydive City and now our sister Aviation/aircraft company JST Management, which owns and operates the aircraft we fly. I became a permanent resident in 2001, and a citizen of the USA in 2008. I am a pilot, skydiver, businessman, woodworker, handyman, gun owner, a good cook, and I returned to school at Pasco-Hernando State College in 2012 to finish an Associates Degree.

I regularly donate to charities and causes that I believe in, and speak my mind about political issues and the things that I strongly believe in for all Americans. I am tired of the two-party system in the USA and feel that Americans have few choices between candidates, and mostly are voting ‘against’ the other candidate rather than voting for what they believe in. The system is badly broken and will not be fixed by either of the two major parties that are hoping to maintain the status quo.